Saturday, July 09, 2005

Roller Coster Tycoon 3: Soaked --- Too Easy!

So I picked up Soaked the other day.

This after spending some good gaming hours over a month finally completing all of the scenarios on the original RCT3.

Soaked, is really pretty and sweet...but there's one small problem. The scenarios are cake.

I've had the expansion for a little over a week, and have completed 4 of the 9 scenarios, while spending perhaps 2 hours of gaming time on each....Max.

Hopefully they get more challenging. The problem is the new "challenge" items that appear. They tend to be extremely simple, which can instantly gain you $5000 in cash, which eliminates debt problems.

In RCT3 I found myself having to restart a scenario after making poor judgement calls. In Soaked, I've made poor calls, and been able to dig myself out. In RCT3, I found some scenarios taking 4 to 5 Soaked, I've finished them in 6 months.

Beautiful game, but where's the challenge?

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