Monday, July 11, 2005

Links to essays in Best Software Writing I

Brevity.Org Has published a list of essays that exist in the book "Best Software Writing I". These are definitely fun to read, and actually are good columns about real issues.

I have just read a few, but Larry Ostermans' column on metrics is especially insightful. For those of you who are working in shops that have taken on corporate wide quality initiatives, like Six Sigma or CMM, you might find the simple example of a QA team as a microcosm of some issues you may see in your own shop.

Likewise, Starbucks does not use Two Phase Commit is also quite interesting in looking at how a "web services" (asynchronous communication) problem is handled in a coffee shop.

These articles aren't Java, .Net, or OSS fanboys whining about various assorted crap. They actually deal with issues, the types of things you hope your management is trying to understand. It's good to see.

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