Thursday, January 13, 2005

Alias Season Four = Boring

I don't feel like making this too long of a rant, but wow, the new season of Alias is boring. Basically in three episodes, they've developed no main plot line.

Oh sure, it's just like Season One now. The "Gang" is back together, Jack is semi-evil again, and Sloane is back on his, I'm only evil if I show you I'm evil.

But where's the enemy? Where's the mystery they are trying to solve. At least with Rambaldi, there was something to drive the show. Now that's dropped off of the face of the earth. I'm sure it'll be has to be or else they'll have a huge plot gap. But there's still no enemy. You can't tell me this German terrorist group is really the big deal.

Right now it's like an action soap version of Scooby Doo. The gang solves mysteries and everything ends up ok in the end. And there's romance. And there's T&A. Which means I can get more out of my soap by watching pro wrestling. At least in pro wrestling, there's two distinct sides....and the good guy doesn't always win. It has romance and T&A, so right now it actually offers me more. And that's scary.

It's almost like all of the writers got bored with Alias. The writing on Lost is much better and is infinantly more interesting. Then again, maybe they're doing with Lost what they failed to do with Rambaldi, and that's have an actual vision as to how it would end. It's like they came up with a concept with no ending, so they just decided to pretend it didn't exist.

Alias has got about two to three more episodes before I consider the show dead. It's just not good at all.

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