Wednesday, July 14, 2004

When will the small DLP TV arrive?

So I've been daydreaming about DLP TVs. It appears to be a better technology than Plasma or LCD. I've heard mixed things about Plasma, and I use LCDs at home on my PCs. I like LCD, but I don't like the fact that they can have pixels burn out.

DLP, however, should rock. You just replace the lightblub every 4-5 years for $250 and you're good to go. The issue is this. I've got a nice Armoire that I'm not getting rid of. Not only does it look nice, but Lori likes it, and well...that's got to be part of the deal, you need to make the TV go away when company is over, which is what the Armoire is for.

Anyway, the Armoire I figure can fit a TV that is 38" wide in the front of the box, and it can taper to about 37.5 inches about a foot back and we would be OK. The problem is, the DLP TVs are too big. Samsung makes a nice unit, that got a great review. The problem is, it's 40.5 inches wide, for a 43 inch set.

The nice thing about it though, is it doesn't waste space on the sides of the screen like a lot of LCDs, and doesn't contain the speakers there, which makes the screen better. I figure, if they decide to make a 40" DLP TV, it would be under 37.5" wide, and it would fit in my armoire, no problem-o.

So, I guess what I'm waiting for is for them to take the good DLP technology and shrink it to compete with the 36-32" TV tubes. DLPs weigh about 100 lbs, while the 36 inch tubes are over 200 lbs sometimes. Gee, I wonder which one I want to move?

Maybe someday soon, we'll see it. Because as much as I like LCD, it will make me have a smaller screen, and I will always have the pixel issue...and I don't feel like fighting the warranty people on those issues for a TV. A $500 monitor is bad enough, let alone a really expensive TV.

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