Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Time Warner Suckage

Boy is TW Columbus on my s-list.
On Sunday, I'm watching The Open, and right before the playoff starts, everything goes static. 
After about 5 minutes of swearing, I began to watch the playoff through the over the air channell, which basically just gave me sound.  I then proceeded to call TW, and got a message telling me that there was a service outage in the Upper Arlington area.
That's pretty close to where I live, so I figured that I was part of the outage, and when the TV came back online at 4pm, I was happy.
At 8pm I was not so happy when it went out again.  Again I called TW around 9:30pm, and heard about a problem in UA, but decided this time to tell someone about mine.
I come to find out that the issue was not impacting me, and no one knew why my cable and internet access was f-ed.
All yesterday, the service went in and out, sometimes good for 10 minutes, sometimes unbearable.
What was really odd, however, was this morning, service was perfect.  No static on the screen, no fuzzyness, just perfect.
Now I've got the service dude showing up at 5pm, and there may be nothing wrong.
How are we supposed to solve a problem, and find root cause, if no one is willing to come out when an issue occurs.  Basically TW has said, don't listen to the outage messages, make sure you pound our Customer Care department with calls, which makes the outage message worthless!!
On top of that, I was treated like an a-hole by the 1st rep I called on Monday.
If Wide Open West offers service to my neighborhood, I'm gone...this crap isn't worth it.

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