Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Maybe I'm Getting Old

But I'm not enjoying Facebook as much as the business related social networks. I'm trying to get into it, but it's just not doing it for me yet. There seems to be a lot of silly applications which are fun, but also sort of scary. I mean, have you seen some of the quizzes you can take on that thing?

Maybe I just don't want the whole world to know what sort of a drunk I am. But maybe it's that I can't take these things in private. The whole nature of the social graph forces me to spam my friends with certain "fun" apps. And that's just not for me anymore I guess.

For whatever reason, I find looking at LinkedIn and seeing what old classmates are up to more interesting. This probably sounds infinitely boring to a lot of folks. Plaxo's Pulse feature is very intriguing since it lets me know about blog posts, Twitters and pretty much anything one wishes to share with their career network. I know Facebook has these things, but these places just feel more mature.

Yes, maybe I'm getting old.

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