Monday, October 08, 2007

TrophyManager Greasemonkey Script

I started playing TrophyManager in some of the few spare moments I have at work in order to give my brain a reset. You know, one of those things that just gets your brain off of work for a few moments, so you can dive back in with your mind fresh. The game is a soccer management simulation with players from around the world.

So I was checking out the players page with FireBug, when I realized that the training graph provided more information than I expected. The URL for generating the graph contained the ordinal values that make up the training. What I failed to realize at first was that this graph contained the decimal values that make up the training.

So I decided to go ahead and learn some more Javascript by creating a Greasemonkey script to hack the query string of the URL and provide a nice little table to show exact amounts of training. So far people seem to like it. Someone even translated it to Norwegian! Wow, cool!

What else can be hacked in TrophyManager through GM?

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