Friday, June 09, 2006

Why the Germans should be hating Klinsmann

So I'm watching the Ticos Germany match replay on ESPN Classic, and I am amazed at how Germany just lets Wanchope beat the trap twice with ease.

Now, if this was a coach living in Germany, I could excuse it. But Klinsmann has to have seen a few qualifiers with the Ticos since he lives in Los Angeles. He's got Univision, Telemundo in LA and at least has ESPN on cable. He could have easily seen a match or two and noticed that the Ticos pretty much play through Wanchope and you need to mark him staight up.

But he didn't pay attention.

Not that a 4-2 victory will hurt the Germans in getting through...but they should have done much better. Letting the one man attack of Costa Rica put away two goals does not spell well for when they take on a tougher team.

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