Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Real USA Soccer Crowd

YouTube - USA v Italy

I've said it before. it all started during the 2002 Qualifying campaign. The Internet, combined with scattered knowledgeable fans collectively decided to organize as true supporters. It had less to do with exclusive "clubs", and now had drilled down, into the masses.

The US-Mexico Qualifier in 2001 was easily the tipping point for many of us. The cold, the non stop chanting. The blow up doll with the Mexican jersey getting spanked in the North End. It was brilliant for everyone who was there.

No one travelled well to Korea. It wasn't going to happen. But Europe...that's a place we can go. And on Saturday, with the help of tons of travelling support in K-Town, we had support that drowned out the "Forza!" from the Italians.

Is there any wonder the team did so well in dominating that match? Down 10-9? None at all. Not when the opposition is trying to figure out where the fans came from.

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