Wednesday, January 11, 2006

House Plot Hole

So I'm watching what was by far one of the most interesting House episodes in a long time today and it stuck me that although the medical plot was excellent, the whole travel plot made about zero sense.

The show is set in Princeton, NJ, a few minutes from Trenton. Growing up about 30 minutes south of Trenton, I know it's about a 45-60 minute ride to the Philly airport, and probably about the same to Newark.

So tell me, why on earth would you FLY to Baltimore?

Baltimore's probably a 2 1/2, 3 hour drive from Princeton. So why would you drive an hour to the airport, only to deal with the travel headaches of the airports? If anything you take the train. It would be like flying from Columbus to Detroit or Pittsburgh or Indy. It is asinine.

Most people around here debate it when it hits about 5-6 hours. Chicago for example. If the flights weren't so inexpensive, most people would drive it because the time benefit isn't there from the flight.

They should have made him fly out to Boston or Atlanta. Someplace realistic in terms of wanting to fly.

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