Thursday, June 30, 2005

What's the deal with Hybrid Irons?

So I've been looking at hybrid irons (kinda strange considering how little I've actually played golf this year), and I'm trying to really figure out what the big deal is.

Are they somehow more "manly" than the 5 wood or 7 wood?

You see, I still have my 5 wood from my initial full set of clubs from when I was 15. And I'm looking at it, and the head size on it is tiny...much like these hybrid irons. The curvature on the head is different, of course...but I get the feeling someone figured out that a 5 wood is a great club, but it just needed some dressing up.

When I was in high school, the 5 wood was the "go-to" club for me. I could hit it about 200 yards and was very consistant with it. Now, go out and find a 5 wood and it's head is 4 times the size of the old Square Two club. It doesn't cut through rough as well either. It gets the ball up much much quicker, but it's not as versitile.

At one point I was thinking about replacing the 5 wood I currently have with another...but now I'm thinking of ditching the 5 wood all together and going with some sort of 2 iron hybrid, which in essense, gives me back the old utility club that I used to love. Too bad they're so pricey now because they're the "in thing".


Olaf said...

Are we still talking about golf here? Because it all seems very metaphorical at times. I actually hate the thought of golf. I played one game and got rained out on the sixth hole. It was made fun because I played with the president of the company, and he brought firecrackers to keep his winning edge. There were also exploding balls, which I demolished quite entirely. The golf carts are fun too. In the end, it wasn't the game that entertained me, but rather the video game-esque challenges put in front of me. It's totally different when you have to keep your cool whilst a Black Cat fuse nears its end at your feet.

Very nice work on the porch, by the way. Looks like your neighbors will probably leave steamers on it for you since you one-upped their fancy wooden decks. Muriatic acid will remove the stains.

Mike said...

That reminds me, I need to challenge my VP to a round at some point.