Monday, June 13, 2005

Patio Project Nearing the End!

This weekend was a long one. I spent about 4 hours heading to Home Depot for wall parts on Saturday, and built 3 of the 5 courses of the wall and glued down quite a bit of the steps. I also began digging and settling in a drain pipe into the new flowerbed.

Hauling fifty fourty-one pound stones is a lot of work, even over two days. Not only did the fifty that make up the sitting wall get moved once onto a cart in Home Depot...they were hauled into the Escape...then onto a pallet at home...then around back and set temporarily on the wall...then taken down...then glued on. So that's, what...conservatively 300, 41 pound dead lifts? Nope, don't need to go to the gym this weekend. In addition, I moved 12 of the other wall type to create another edge to the flower bed and 12 other stones that make up the sides of the steps. A lot of lifting!

The steps are great. On Thursday Scot and Ryan came over and helped to build the foundation out of cinder block and mortar. It was good as I had never used mortar before. Good to have someone show me how not to screw it up. It's not that it's hard or rocket science, but it's good to see it done.

So now the only thing left is to purchase rock and some sort of edger or more wall to build a rock garden on the edge of the patio on the other side of the stairs. That's it. Rock garden and put stone in the other step area.

So the end is in sight!

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