Wednesday, July 02, 2008

How does a pacemaker get infected?

A friend of mine from college has an ICD in his chest. He's had it there for 20 years. Basically if his heart gets messed up, it restarts it. Knocks him on his ass and everything if it gets triggered. It looks really funny, but apparently isn't if you're the one getting knocked down (Insert annoying TumbaWumba song here)

Anyway, somehow, it got infected. Now he's up at the Cleveland Clinic getting a new one. Not quite certain how an internal item gets infected, but I guess it's possible, since it happened. Love to hear how that actually happens.

Been thinking about him quite a bit recently. He's going through some pretty annoying stuff due to his condition. Hopefully it goes well and without issue and he can get home and recover soon.

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