Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Eklund's Hockey Rumors

Eklund's Hockey Rumors

This is quite the entertaining little site. It's quite enjoyable, even if some of the rumors seem to be quite far fetched.

I find these kinds of business negotiations facinating. To me the main problem for the NHL is that so much income is tied into ticket sales and local TV/radio. It would behoove them as a league and union to get a market like the NFL. The NHL players don't want to lose jobs with small clubs folding, hence intenseive revenue sharing would be important, and a salary cap that increases OR decreases (I feel it must be able to lower) with revenue should be tied in.

You see, if my company is failing and need to cut staff due to revenue, they cut staff. With the players union, they can't cut staff like that. Hence, I think the players and owners need to realize that they both have a right to earn money. How much they earn is dependant upon revenue, not what they think they can charge in terms of ticket price or what they think they can get from a TV contract that doesn't exist.

Anyway, keep watching that space, it's entertaining to say the least.

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