Monday, December 13, 2004

Belated Toronto Trip Pix

Here's a bunch of pix from our journey to Niagara Falls and Toronto that we took in September. Long overdue, I know, but it's been very busy around these parts.

I don't know why Frankenstein eating a Whopper amuses me, but it does. And that's Niagara Falls for you...striving to become a mini-Vegas:

The falls at night:

The falls at day:

Lori and a rainbow:

Both falls from the Sheraton:

Toronto from our room at night:

Toronto from the Casa Roma

Cool fountain in the Casa Roma garden:

T-Rex at the ROM:

CNTower Views:

Toronto skyline from the ferry to the island.

Riding a bike built for four on the island.

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Anonymous said...

It is Gergely! I stumbled upon your page and am glad to hear that you are doing well!!! I am still in Texas but am being transferred to Long Island, NY on the third. I was out there earlier this week finding a place to live.

I am currently with Ford Credit supervising a team of collectors. Out in NY I am going to be an analyst.

Drop me a line sometime at darger @