Thursday, November 11, 2004

Is Fry's Marketplace Still Coming to Mill Run?

All of the recent talk has been about Kroger Marketplace which opened its first store in Graceland shopping center this week.

But in the "way back when" machine, there was an article in the SNP in June that discussed that not only is Kroger Marketplace coming, but a Fry's Marketplace was going to show up in Mill Run where the old Big Bear existed.

But there's no activity at that store. Nothing being done at all. So the question becomes, was that article wrong? The email response I received from Kroger about the new store in June suggested that it was going to happen, but the lack of news is troubling. The Di$patch ran an article today that mentioned the 4 Kroger Marketplace's that were going in, but said nothing regarding the new Fry's store.

So Kroger, is it going to happen? Or not?


Anonymous said...

Kroger is indeed coming.. they are finally liquidating the former big bear's assets, which started this week -- you can go there today and buy fixtures!

Anonymous said...

I believe Kroger's owns Frye's!